BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterpica-client: add and initialize anon DH SSL_CTXAnton42 hours
direct_c2c_connectionspica-client: accepting direct connectionsAnton13 months
v0.5.3pica-pica-0.5.3.tar.gz  me_desk6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
42 hourspica-client: add and initialize anon DH SSL_CTXHEADmasterAnton2-8/+26
4 dayspica-node: improved debug messages, print what type of connection is closedAnton1-4/+6
4 dayspica-node: implemented anon DH TLS connection stage, reworked newconnsAnton4-121/+481
2018-10-27new protocol specification document, work in progressAnton1-0/+37
2018-09-08remove config option for CA file, add config option for DH param file, update...Anton4-13/+8
2018-09-08remove CA.pem file from distributionAnton2-56/+1
2018-07-29full peer cert verification for directc2c connections, incoming and outgoingAnton1-16/+9
2018-07-29use randomized RSA key size for account certificatesAnton3-4/+18
2018-07-29removed excess fprintf()-sAnton1-16/+0
2018-07-29moved common peer certificate verification code into new func verify_peer_cer...Anton3-33/+41